17 Things to Know About Hearing Aids

Things to Know About Hearing Aids …

  • According to the Food and Drug Administration (2011), most hearing aid users had lived with hearing loss for 10+ years, and waited until it progressed to before seeking professional help for hearing aid fitting.
  • Hearing loss should be treated like any other health problem.
  • Hearing aids are sound amplifying devices to aid individuals with hearing loss.
  • Hearing aids can improve your hearing and listening abilities, and can greatly improve your quality of life.
  • Hearing aids provide the ability to hear sounds that could not be heard previously.
  • Hearing aids do not restore hearing to “normal.”
  • Hearing aids do not cure hearing loss, but they provide benefit and improvement in communication.
  • Not one hearing aid is best for everyone.
  • There are many styles and features to hearing aids.
  • Selection of hearing aids should be based on the type and severity of hearing loss, listening needs, and lifestyle.
  • Hearing aids should be cleaned as instructed to prolong the life of the devices.
  • Hearing aids should be kept away from any moisture and heat, which may cause damage to the internal electronics.
  • Hearing aids should be inspected by your hearing healthcare professional on a regular basis.
  • Adjusting to hearing aids takes time, and it may take many months to realize full benefit.
  • Hearing aids may need to be replaced every few years.
  • Allow yourself time to adjust and request fine-tuning of the hearing aids.
  • Patience and realistic expectations are keys to success with hearing aids/amplification.