Communication Is A Two Way Street

We have been told for years that good communication builds good relationships. The sense of hearing is a vital link with every relationship we have, with an employer, a good friend or most importantly with a significant other. It’s the source of information, a source of pleasure and a connection to others.

When someone you know has a hearing loss, you can help make things easier … communication really is a two way street! At Advanced Hearing Care we truly believe helping someone with a hearing loss is best addressed when helping the entire family and not just the one with the actual hearing loss.

Making Conversation Easier

Communication is the key to all human activities. It is necessary for learning, exchanging information, and generally taking care of each other. Advancements in hearing instrument technology have made a huge impact in the way people with hearing loss can function today. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that even the best technology does not eliminate the need for good communication skills.

3 Tips to Help Improve Conversation

If your friend or family member has a hearing loss, you can use supportive techniques that make it easier for them to follow a conversation. Here are three different techniques to help you to improve your conversation with a loved one or friend:

  1. Talk Face to Face. Face the person you’re talking to. Don’t try to converse from a different room or with your back turned. It is easier to hear what you say when you see what they are saying. Visual cues, like facial expressions and lip movements do a lot to help listeners understand your words.
  2. Speak at a Natural Pace. You don’t need to shout. Speaking at a normal conversation level when talking with someone who wears hearing devices is perfectly fine. Most instruments are programmed to amplify a normal speed level of speech, so if you shout it may be too loud or the sound could be distorted to the listener.
  3. Reduce Background Noise. For someone who has a hearing loss, the most difficult listening environment is background noise. Voices are difficult to hear because they are in competition with all the other noise.

For more helpful hints on the best way to communicate with loved ones or friends with hearing loss, stop in or call us. At Advanced Hearing Care, we really do care about you and your hearing loss, as well as your family and friends with whom you communicate.