I am Dr. Kelly Churchill. Some of my patients will know me as Dr. Kelly Frost, but I am newly married to Dr. Chris Churchill! Welcome to my practice, Expert Hearing Care.

My long-time professional passion is to improve the quality of life of as many people as possible by helping to restore their auditory connection with their world, both physically and emotionally. I believe we all deserve a rich, full, diverse life. The wondrous sounds of nature, places, things, and the simple daily conversations of loved ones, friends, and colleagues are key to connecting us to our world. Our relationships through hearing are where so much of our enjoyment in life is found.

People with hearing loss, even “mild” hearing loss, are not aware of the sounds they are missing in their lives. Because hearing loss is usually gradual, sounds in our lives disappear from our awareness. My husband has mild hearing loss and ringing in his ears (tinnitus). He says he hasn’t heard a cricket in years and often when I point out chirping birds he hasn’t heard them- he didn’t even know the birds were there! Of course I have helped him greatly. He is hearing so much better and has heightened experiences that he shares with me. My own husband’s and my story is just the kind I love to hear about and my care for him has had the affect I always hope to make in peoples lives. Providing his hearing care has both enriched my life with him and has made me a better audiologist in that I better understand how hearing loss challenges my patients and their loved ones.

So, why is it in your best interest to hear better?

As in the case of my husband, with proper treatment, you are more strongly connected with your loved ones, family, and friends. You will be better engaged in their conversations and humor. You will hear them in restaurants better. You will hear the television, telephone, and radio better. You hear nature better! And as a spouse, your life is proportionally enriched.

But just as importantly, hearing loss is shown to result in physiological changes to the brain that lead to loss of memory and reasoning. The great news is that properly treating your hearing loss stops and, even reverses many of the adverse effects that lead to cognitive decline. This last reason is actually one of the most profound lessons from over 20 years of medical research coming out of Johns Hopkins University. Finally, untreated hearing loss can lead to social isolation and mild to severe depression.

I would be more than happy to personally discuss these medical findings with you during a complimentary “better hearing consultation”. Come in and see me and, completely free of charge, we will undertake a hearing screening, educate you on your hearing loss, discuss the recent highly important hearing care medical findings, and present the hearing care options that are best for you and your lifestyle. I invite you to schedule your complimentary consultation today (plan for a full hour of my undivided attention!). Call now 575-446-HEAR.

Proper hearing care is so important to your cognitive health and emotional well being, I recommend you obtain hearing care only through a fully qualified, experienced professional. At Expert Hearing Care, our goal is to make “patients for life” and to serve them as their hearing care needs evolve. I have been a practicing Doctor of Audiology for 35 years and have served the southern New Mexico region for 25 years. It would be my pleasure to start you on your path to a much enriched life and care for you over the coming years.


Kelly (Frost) Churchill, AuD, CCC-A
Board Certified Doctor of Audiology Owner/Founder Expert Hearing Care
Adjunct Lecturer, University of Iowa