Expert Hearing Care will be closed starting Friday March 20th, planning to reopen on Monday April 13.

A message of care for you and responsibility to you during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Dear Valued Patients,

I want to take a moment to communicate with you how our Expert Hearing Care team will be implementing medical protocols in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

First, I assure you that our focus is finding solutions to assist and continue to care for you while protecting you, and to also protect our Expert Hearing Care team. As this is a very fluid situation, we are continuously monitor the data, progression and spread of the outbreak, and the recommendations of the CDC and WHO as well as the state and federal officials. Our goals are to exercise “social distancing” and do our socially responsible duty to “flatten the curve”.
If you are healthy and feel comfortable attending your scheduled visit, we are happy to see you. But we will ask you to carefully read and follow the below protocols before coming to your appointment.

Our first policy change is that, until further notice, we are NOT accepting walk-in visits. If you are having issues with your hearing devices, you MUST call ahead, and we will discuss how we may help you. At this time, we will be recommending that minor adjustments be postponed. If you have underlying health conditions and are 60+, we recommend that you stay home unless your hearing care is essential at this time.

If you are in need of supplies such as batteries or wax guards, we would be happy to mail them to you. Or, we will deliver them to you in a “drive-through” manner from our parking lot. You must call ahead to arrange this, as we will provide instructions to you over the phone.

Before getting in your car and coming to the office, please consider the following:

  • Do you currently have an elevated temperature, or exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms? Patients who are ill will not be seen at this time. This also includes illnesses unrelated to COVID-19. If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, including cough accompanied by fever and shortness of breath, call to reschedule your appointment.
  • In the last 14 days, have you traveled or engaged with those who have traveled? If so, we ask that you please do not come to the office. Please call us and we will be happy to reschedule your appointment.

Precautions we are taking to protect you and ourselves while you are in the office:

  • All items and surfaces are wiped down with Clorox wipes before and after every patient.
  • The doctors will be using fresh medical gloves for each patient.
  • We aim to keep no more than two patients at a time in the office, one isolated with each doctor. If you would prefer to wait in your vehicle until your appointment time and have us call you on your cell phone to come in when your patient room has been properly disinfected and your provider is ready for you, we are happy to accommodate you.
  • We have removed communal items such as our magazines, coffee, and candy.
  • While in the practice, maintain at least 6 feet distance from others except when necessary for your hearing care.
  • No handshakes. Elbow bumps welcome.

When coming to office consider and/or expect the following:

  • Before walking into the practice, you will see a sign on the door asking you your current health status and explaining our precautionary policies; please read this thoroughly, and please adhere to the recommendations. You may be instructed to not enter and to call for rescheduling.
  • Upon entry, you will be asked to immediately wash your hands for 20+ seconds in our sanitized bathroom.
  • While in the practice, minimize touching chairs, counters, doorknobs, pretty much everything, etc., as much as possible (including your face).

Thank you for your continued trust in me and your Expert Hearing Care team. I appreciate your cooperation in assisting us with employing best practices to address the significance of this pandemic. Our goal is to remain open as long as is socially responsible in order to care for you while doing our part to “flatten the curve”. As always, we look forward to helping you with your hearing healthcare.

Your safety is always our number one priority.

Dr. Kelly Churchill
Owner and Founder
Expert Hearing Care