Custom Earmolds for Music Players, Sports, Recreation & Work

Did you know that custom-made earmolds can reduce the potentially harmful levels of volume as well as prevent noise-induced hearing loss? When the “earbud” is attached to a custom earpiece such as an IPod or MP3 player, outside noises are considerably reduced, which helps maintain a safe level of volume for your hearing and listening pleasure.

There are many applications for customized hearing protection. We regularly fit shooters, hunters, musicians, racecar teams, pilots and airline employees, as well as individuals whose work conditions require hearing protection. Many teenagers who cannot get enough of their favorite music also benefit from customized earbuds. We see a number of teens come into our office with their parents or their grandparents. They already show mild forms of noise-induced hearing loss.

Custom-fit earmolds are created to fit more securely in place and provide further protection from potentially harmful levels of volume. Make an appointment today for an evaluation of customized hearing protection, so you can hear safely, and comfortably, without causing damage to your precious hearing system. Call us today to find out how we can create custom hearing protection for you.