Hearing loss is an invisible and often misunderstood handicap. Because of this, it is no wonder up to 30% of those who first purchase hearing aids give up and put them away in a dresser drawer, never to be seen or heard from again. Some of the comments and reasons we hear from patient, who purchased hearing aids elsewhere, include:

“They make me feel like I was a pest when I would go back to their store for service, so I gave up”

“I was told on numerous occasions that I would just get used to it”

“My hearing aids were too hard to get in and out of my ears”

As audiologist, it is our responsibility to listen to you and assess your overall needs in order to improve your hearing. It is part of our expertise to clearly understand our patients needs, concerns, frustrations, and expectations. That is the only way we can help you in not only choosing the most appropriate hearing aid style, technology, and cost, but help you through the process of getting used to amplification and your newfound hearing. For instance, if you spend more of your time at home, then we will not recommend the most advanced hearing aid technology. That would be a budget-wise choice. However, fi you work, are on-the-go, travel, or lead a busy, active lifestyle, we will recommend an advanced hearing aid technology so you get the highest level of hearing performance. There are many other styles, technologies, and prices in between these two examples as well, to fit any lifestyle need.

If you know someone whose hearing aids ended up in the drawer, or, if you yourself have a pair lying around somewhere, then call Advanced Hearing Care. Our hearing aids will stay in your ears where they belong.