Recent studies have shown there are now over 31 million people with hearing loss, a 9.9% increase since the year 2000. While some of this increase continues to be the 75+ age groups, a major increase in hearing loss comes from the baby-boomer generation. Baby boomers are ahead of schedule when it comes to hearing loss, with many showing symptoms in their late 40s and 50s.

The constant roar of the 21st century has contributed to hearing loss at an earlier age. The recent surge in hearing loss is mostly a baby-boomer phenomenon, thanks to years of living loudly. Unfortunately, noise does not seem to be going away, unlike your ability to hear clearly. Furthermore, noise isn’t the only culprit. When you combine the excessive noise they have experienced at work, Home and play with the natural effects of aging , boomers end up on the receiving end of a double whammy that can lead to hearing loss. There is good news for those who experience hearing loss. Reducing your exposure to excessive noise can improve your health and quality of life, no matter your age. If you are watching your diet, if you are exercising, then protecting your hearing should be part of your lifestyle, too.

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