So, you’ve just been told that your child has a hearing loss.
You’re not alone. Thousands of children receive the same diagnosis every year, and they go on to lead active, happy lives. With early intervention, technology, and professionally trained experts, your child can enjoy the activities and pleasures of growing up, reach his or her potential, and lead a productive, fulfilling life.

A lot can be done to help children with hearing loss – including yours.
We know so much more today about helping children with hearing loss than we ever did. And there are more resources available than ever before.

The key is to get the earliest diagnosis and intervention possible. This helps ensure that your child develops strong speech and language skills without any unnecessary developmental delays. Early diagnosis and intervention give your child the best chance for strong academic achievement and positive social and emotional development.

Keep in mind: Parents usually suspect a hearing loss before the doctor does. So advocate for your child. Take them to a hearing healthcare professional to have their hearing tested. Pediatric hearing loss treatment can be an important tool in helping your child enjoy an active and fulfilling life.

And remember: Thousands of children in the United States have hearing loss. That’s a lot of parents and grandparents doing all they can to give their children the very best opportunities for achieving success and overcoming their hearing loss. You are not alone.