Lyric hearing aids are the first and only 100% invisible, 24/7 hearing aids. They are provided in our offices in Las Cruces.

Quick Glance at the Lyric device:

  • Can be worn 24/7 for up to 1-2 months at a time.
  • Device is fit and replaced by our Doctors of Audiology
  • Can be worn for all daily activities, including showering, phone calls, using earphones and exercising
  • Has a magnetic volume control stick called the “SoundLync” that allows you to make adjustments, put it in “sleep” mode, or turn it off.
  • Has excellent and natural sound quality since it is placed near the eardrum.
  • Effortless usage and maintenance — no batteries to change; no need to take on and off each day.

If you’re interested in learning more about Lyric hearing aids, contact us to schedule your hearing evaluation today!