What is Complete Hearing Healthcare?

Our Complete Hearing Healthcare plan brings our patients exceptional, hassle-free service for the life of their hearing devices. We offer free hearing aid batteries for 3 years, complimentary clean and checks, and annual hearing tests. This plan is included at no additional charge to our patients upon their investment in hearing technology.


Why We Offer this Service

We created this plan because we care about our patients. We believe it’s important to include essential services to keep your hearing technology in the best shape possible, so it can work properly for you. We want you to wear your hearing aids all day, every day. All hearing aids require maintenance, and that’s OK. We’re happy to do it, and we want your hearing aids in your ears; not in a drawer.


What if I have hearing aids from another provider

That’s OK – our Complete Hearing Healthcare plan is also available to patients who purchased their hearing technology elsewhere for an additional cost. At Expert Hearing Care, we are passionate about helping you hear your best, no matter where you started your journey to better hearing.

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