Janine Granados, B.S. Speech and Hearing Sciences

Doctoral Resident

Janine Granados graduated with a B.S. in Speech Language and Hearing Sciences and a Minor in Special Education from the University of Arizona in 2016. She then worked as a Patient Care Coordinator at a private practice audiology clinic in Colorado. Her two years of experiences in that position confirmed her passion for audiology and, since 2018, she has been studying and working toward her doctoral degree at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Through her clinical placements at the Veterans Administration Hospital, the University of Colorado Hospital, and at the Children’s Hospital of Colorado, she has gained experience in diagnosing and treating hearing and balance disorders in patients of all ages. She will obtain her final year of practical training with the Expert Hearing Care team and earn her doctorate in May 2022. She is passionate about connecting with her patients and ensuring that their unique individual communication needs are met. In her free time, Janine enjoys camping and hiking, or relaxing at home with her husband and two cats.